About Me

About Me

A fresh approach to event management

My philosophy is simple: Client satisfaction is the prime goal. This is only achieved when an event has been successfully managed from beginning to end.

I achieve this by:

Extensive pre-planning. I research the event and venue beforehand, making sure I have a clear idea of what’s happening, who’s involved and what’s expected.

Team leadership. I introduce team members to client and instantly build relationships and trust. I make sure each of my team members is prepared, confident and motivated.

Ongoing assessment. During an event I never rest on my laurels. I’m constantly assessing the situation, looking for ways to improve everyone’s experience, and anticipate problems before they arise.

Good communication. I make sure all the different contractors are kept up to speed with any changes. This helps with the smooth running of things.

There until the end. I work tirelessly even after the event has finished. It’s about making sure the venue is left in tip-top condition.


Highly skilled. Highly experienced

Throughout my career I’ve worked in a wide variety of environments: Cruise ships, football stadiums, award ceremonies, concerts, weddings, conferences, tradeshows, airshows and much more.


  • I’ve worked with many contractors and venues, bringing everything together into a harmonious whole.
  • I’ve managed, trained and inspired countless teams.
  • I’ve seen event management and coordination from pretty much every angle.
  • I’ve solved problems, dealt with emergencies, come up with ideas (while under pressure) to make sure the event stays on track.
  • I’ve worked with high profile VIPs, understanding the need for class and discretion.

It’s this high level of experience you get when hiring me.

Need my services?

My process is simple: get in touch for an initial conversation. We’ll discuss your requirements and my availability.

You can either fill in the form and I’ll get back to you, or pick up the phone and speak to me directly.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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Eric Jones

Freelance Event Manager, Toastmaster and Hospitality Trainer based in Chester, UK. 

Tel:  07713017081

Email: eric07585@gmail.com

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